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Top-rated, affordable insurance preferred by Photo Booth businesses to protect their photo booths and equipment.

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Is it a good idea to have photo booth insurance?

Yes. Photo booths are popular, and wherever you find a crowd, accidents are more likely to happen. Here are a few common claims our Photo Booth operators have experienced.
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    Booths can fall over and injure guests who are inside the booth or guests waiting in line near the booth. Guests have also been known to trip over the cords leading from the booth and get injured.
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    Party guests have been known to crowd into photo booths damaging the inside, in their attempt to capture a unique and memorable shot.
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    Unexpected damage can also happen to photo booths while in transit to an event resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

We insure all types of photo booths and accessories including closed booths, open-air booths, mirror booths, custom backdrops, props, and more.

Why is General Liability the most popular coverage for Photo Booth businesses?

RVNA’s General Liability protects your business from expensive lawsuits and claims. RVNA’s Photographer’s General Liability Policy saves photo booth businesses thousands of dollars on attorney and legal fees for lawsuits resulting from accidental injury and property damage. 24/7 Claims Reporting too!

Real-life claim scenario A photo booth falls over and lands on a guest causing bodily injury. The injured guest sues the photo booth operator for $100,000 to covertheir legal fees and medical costs.Liability Insurance covered this loss, and the photo booth operator didn’t have to pay a dime.

Business Insurance Photographers

More Photo Booth Insurance FAQs

Our insurance protects your photo booth business from all sorts of unexpected events that might happen while doing business.

What if I’m asked to show proof of insurance?
If you provide services at any venue or event, you will most likely be asked to show proof of insurance. For as low as $99 per year, RVNA’s Photographer’s General Liability provides you with exactly what the venue needs. We are the #1 Liability insurance recommended by venues with a 99.9% venue acceptance rate!

For more details about RVNA’s General Liability and what is covered, please see Photographer’s General Liability Insurance.

Do you have insurance for my Photo Booth and Photo Booth Equipment?
Yes. Our property coverage provides broad and affordable coverage for your photo booth and photo booth equipment, including props, backdrops, printers, tablets, and more. And, we cover your stuff whether it’s in transitor storage.

Real-life claim scenario: A wildfire consumes the photo booth operator’s house. All their belongings got burned, including their photo booth, backdrops, props, along with tons of other expensive equipment. Their homeowner’s insurance excluded coverage for their business equipment, adding up to a $30,000 loss. Luckily, they had RVNA’s Property/Equipment coverage. We replaced all their business property. The only cost to our customer was their small deductible.

What is RVNA’s Replacement Cost Value?
RVNA’s coverage includes property and gear equipment at replacement cost value. So, if you accidentally drop your printer and break it, our property coverage will pay to replace your broken printer with the same or comparable printer.Watch out for other insurers that may only offer actual cash value. With a cash value payout, you only get what your old printer is worth today, the depreciated value.

For more details about RVNA’s Property/Equipment coverage, please see Photographer’s Property/Equipment Insurance.

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What kind of insurance do Photo Booth Operators Need?

Learn more about what Photo Booth insurance covers by following two simple steps:
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    Select a coverage using our Online Quote and view coverage details instantly.
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    View Frequently Asked Questions for detailed answers to questions on Photo Booth Operator Insurance or Call us at 1-800-364-2433 to speak with an Photo Booth insurance specialist.

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